Wednesday, March 21, 2012


   My friend Courtney's grandparent's own a we did a field trip to the are some photos!

Seeing baby cows....

I just loved this photo!!!

BIG cows!

Checking out where Milk comes from!

The best part...SO many kitties! And they wanted lots of love!

Kitty cuddling!

Taking a break...

  It was a great time...and there are a few pregnant cows...and Courtney's Uncle is gonna call when she goes into labor...more pictures to come! :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


   GAK is BACK!!!!!!

   You can find it online or in TV or in stores...or just make your own!!!!

We made ours GREEN

Ian flattened it out...

then stretched it

Ella showing hers off!

   Here's the recipe... GAK


Flat Ella again...

  Ella finished up her trip to Florida...

Just hanging out in a palm tree!

Papa's truck

Watching Memo knit!

Flat Ian

   Flat Ian made it to visit his grandma and grandpa...and here are a couple pictures from his trip...

Flat Ian out shopping with g'ma and g'pa!

More shopping!

   More to come!!!!!

Scavenger Hunt

   It's been nice out the last couple the kids and I are taking school outside...we are gonna have a nature scavenger hunt...

A simple one I found online...and seeing as how the snow it's all gone yet...I thought this might be hard enough to do! :D

   Then after we get back from you remember GAK? That gooey stuff Nickelodeon made? Well I found THIS and we are totally gonna make it...I'll post pictures after we get it made...also there are more FLAT pictures to come!!!