Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First day!

   Ok feels like it was just a couple days ago that I wrote on here and when I looked it's a whole month ago! WOW!!!

   Summer went by so fast! Ella went to her very first day of "big girl school"...she even got on the bus without even looking back (sniffle)...and I can't wait til she gets home in 3 hours and 19 minutes...but who's counting! ;)

   And Ian and my new adventure started today as well..didn't go too bad...there were only a few tears shed and they were all from him! YAY Mama held it together! LOL

  I found this great site off of pinterest that has a ton of school papers and things you can print out...some are free and some cost a few dollars but these are free...they are second grade book reports! Not too difficult but something to keep him writing and thinking about what he just read! Here's the link... Book Reports!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to School AGAIN!

Howdy All,
 It has once again been a long time since my last post...but I'm gonna try better to do it more often!

 Fall is coming, which means school starts soon...Ella is 5 now and going to be starting Kindergarten and headed off to the big world of public school!!! She is very excited!

 Ian on the hand didn't have a very good year last year...lets see two years ago in kindergarten we pulled him out of public half way through the because he was having a hard year...getting in trouble a bit and not doing well...then last year we had planned on homeschooling...well actually charter school...but it was much too overwhelming for me because I was still working part time and it was so we put him in public...though I wasn't happy about it...
 Then half way through the year again we decided that he needed something different...his teacher said she thought he should be tested for ADHD and maybe put on we pulled him out of school to homeschool and had him tested and he was diagnosed with ADHD and put on 18mg of Ritalin at which point my husband (and part of me) thought that he was good now and put him back in school...for about 5 weeks that dose then the Dr upped his dose...he was now on 27mg and that worked for about 6 weeks and then he was back to how he had been another Dr upped his meds now he was given 36mg of Ritalin (SPEED)...
 Well anyway after that long hard time of having no idea what we were doing and just listening to Dr.s and reading a few things we finally decided that meds were NOT right for us!!! He has been off meds for a month now and he isn't perfect...he isn't "fixed"...but he is my little man! He is a 7 year old boy...who is hyper and doesn't listen well...and is hard to handle sometime...and is stressful...but he is MINE! And we decided instead of sending him back to public and having to deal with principals notes all year and emails from his teacher about how he isn't listening or he is not sitting still or he is picking on other kids...we are keeping him home with his mama! Also I quit my job so I can give him almost all of my time during the day while Ella is at school!

 I'm very excited for both of my babies...I have NO idea what the future holds for Ian as far as public or home and same for Ella...who knows! We will just continue to pray that God shows us the right way to go!

Have a WONDERFUL rest of summer everyone!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Farting Numbers

   I know it's been a while since I last posted...but we HAVE been doing school...I just haven't had anything fun or interesting to talk about...but I thought today was a good one...

   You know how we always try to think of ways to help ourselves or our kids remember tricks to remember math facts or I before E except after C...well Ian taught me one today..kind of!

   While working on "greater than and lesser than" problems...Ian came up with this idea to remember which way they go...leave it to a boy!!!

I know it's not the SMARTEST thing that has ever come out of his mouth...but if it helps him remember...that's what matters!!! :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


   My friend Courtney's grandparent's own a we did a field trip to the are some photos!

Seeing baby cows....

I just loved this photo!!!

BIG cows!

Checking out where Milk comes from!

The best part...SO many kitties! And they wanted lots of love!

Kitty cuddling!

Taking a break...

  It was a great time...and there are a few pregnant cows...and Courtney's Uncle is gonna call when she goes into labor...more pictures to come! :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


   GAK is BACK!!!!!!

   You can find it online or in TV or in stores...or just make your own!!!!

We made ours GREEN

Ian flattened it out...

then stretched it

Ella showing hers off!

   Here's the recipe... GAK


Flat Ella again...

  Ella finished up her trip to Florida...

Just hanging out in a palm tree!

Papa's truck

Watching Memo knit!

Flat Ian

   Flat Ian made it to visit his grandma and grandpa...and here are a couple pictures from his trip...

Flat Ian out shopping with g'ma and g'pa!

More shopping!

   More to come!!!!!